Our shop is old-style...

The shop here at Ely’s Mill is an experience for the senses. From the sound of the rushing water, to the myriad of locally made and old things to browse through, from the scents of soaps and baked-goods, to the smell of an old wood building, all makes shopping here something that feeds and relaxes the soul. Perhaps it is the combination of preserving the old ways while also staying alive and vibrant and vital.

The shop at Ely’s Mill has always been a shop for nearly 100 years. It originated as a showroom for the furniture made in the woodwork run by the water wheel that is still visible out the shop windows. In addition to the solid wood furniture made onsite, the shop also featured women weaving and other local crafts. Throughout the many years it has featured antiques, collectibles, handmade and locally made items, and in more current times, books and maps on the Great Smoky Mountains, baked goods, pottery, handweaving and much, much more.

Part of staying alive and vibrant and vital is adapting to these current times. Therefore, after many years of requests, we finally have an online shop. It will never be as amazing as being in the shop, in the mountains next to the Roaring Fork, but it is the next best thing.

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